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Check out this interview we did in the British daily newspaper The Morning Star.

The one and only Henry Rollins just blessed our new baby! He played title song from "I'll find" new EP on his KCRW radio show.

I’ve been corresponding with Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, singer and guitarist of Polish post-punk-art-psych outfit Trupa Trupa for a few years now. I was feeling pretty down last week (and maybe it seeped into my column (okay, it did)), and I told Grzegorz a bit about some of the stuff that was bothering me. He had the most helpful and reassuring reply.
We are in The Times "Best New Music" section next to The Strokes and Neil Young!
As a part of her “Phone a Friend” series, Morning Show host Jill Riley has been checking in with various musicians over the phone. She made an international call to Poland to chat with Grzegorz Kwiatkowski of the indie rock band Trupa Trupa about how the coronavirus affected the release cycle for their new EP, I’ll Find, as well as the history of their hometown, and their plans for the future.
Dive into our friends & polish psych rock four piece Trupa Trupa’s latest EP „I’ll Find” — consisting of four radiant, kaleidoscopic songs which further cement the band’s reputation as one of the up & coming voices on the global psychedelic scene.
We are happy to report that our new EP is one of WFMU's April Releases of Note.
Invisible door on WFMU.
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski: „Maybe we’ll establish a better community worldwide in the future. Very often this kind of tragic situation brings some light and hope and new solutions for the whole world. I think we should have an optimism. I’m sure that because of the darkness we can produce some light.”
We are featured in German Ox-Fanzine. Danke schoen!

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