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“Holocaust denial and antisemitism is rising around the world but, of course, in Poland too. The nature of evil is that it’s immortal… I hope things will get better, but that is why we have to protest.”
Trupa Trupa have not been making friends in their native Poland. They come from Gdańsk, that precariously placed city over which history has so often rolled like a tank. Their big theme is collective memory – the way it is distorted, perverted and suppressed for political ends.
The Gdansk quartet rail against rightwing hate speech – and have uncovered a dark secret about their country in the Nazi era.
Jak to się stało, że fanem małego psychodelicznego zespołu z Gdańska jest Henry Rollins oraz dziennikarze Pitchforka i Timesa? I dlaczego Grzegorz Kwiatkowski pisze wiersze o eugenice?
Mateusz Witkowski: Dziennikarze niemal zawsze poruszają w wywiadach z tobą trudne i wielkie tematy: II wojna światowa, sztuka, demokracja. Nie masz czasem ochoty porozmawiać o głupotach?

Channeling a wary mixture of dread and hope, the Polish indie rockers tighten the slackness of previous records into a potent fusion of post-hardcore and shoegaze.[...] More than just revel in the tension between medium and message, Trupa Trupa are the rare dystopian post-punk band to embrace optimism and levity as necessary survival mechanisms.[...] Trupa Trupa may not have the perfect prescription for a better world, but they welcome you to imagine one together.

With shades of Sonic Youth, Radiohead and the kind of rainy, overcoat-wearing bands that Manchester was so good at producing in the early Eighties, Trupa Trupa jump from hypnotic trawls (Satellite) to shouty angular stomps (Turn), while bringing some indefinable quality that can come only from their lives.
Torres, Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker i Trupa Trupa! Piosenka „Dream about” znalazła się w cyklu All Songs Considered radia NPR – czyli w przeglądzie najlepszych singli tygodnia!
Henry Rollins uważa „Of The Sun” za fantastyczny album i puszcza „Dream about” „Anyhow” i „Mangle” w swojej audycji na antenie radia KCRW.
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski of the Polish band Trupa Trupa is a singer of few, well-chosen words. He addresses uncomfortable truths, the absurdity of life, and turns these terse poems into songs that feel like dreams, charged with spasms of noise, gut-punch bass lines and hypnotic melodies.

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